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I'm back to feeling like myself.

I get emotional pretty easy now, I suppose that's why I haven't been writing. It's hard to admit a lot of things to myself and at times I feel weak and stupid. But I'm out of the whole surrounding myself with people thing. It's almost harder, and all I do is ignore what's important to me.

I guess to sum up all the time I didn't update, uhm: Alex moved to New Mexico, I'm keeping myself busy with school, night school, and starting the whole applying to college thing. The work, time, and effort doesn't bother me because I have nothing else to do. Why not feel accomplished. I see graduating early as a completely positive thing and I can't wait.

I've spent atleast six dollars at Starbucks for the past eleven days. My car is on empty and I'm out of facewash. But who cares if I have to walk and my face breaks out if I'm warm and awake right.

I love the people I've gotten to know so far this year. They make a lot of my classes bearable and can hold a conversation. It's amazing.

I've seperated myself from a lot of things lately. Sometimes I know or atleast feel like it'd be easier to just go back to that, and to not caring or acting like I don't about other people's feelings and how what I do effects them. But I always know I'm kidding myself, and so far it's only come back to bite me in the ass with the same thing happening to me.

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I hate daytime tv.

My 4th of July was kind of a bust, Alex and I went out to Logan's dad's land in Lancaster for a bonfire campout type thing but they forgot to mention that to get to the place you had to walk 20min in atleast a foot of mud. So yeah, we stayed for about 30min and left.

It definitely wasn't worth Collapse )

The other day we were parked eating in my car and this guy walking down the street towards us starting walking in a circle around something. So I really wanted to see what it was and when we drove past I stopped and saw the Collapse )

And of course we went to see the new Harry Potter movie at midnight when it came out. SO GOOD. We drew on lightning bolt scars and were surprisingly not the wierdest looking people there.

Last night was Lexi's birthday partyy. It was crazy. I wish I didn't have pink eye because I would have taken lots of pictures, but oh well. About 2hrs into the party the cops showed up, and for the next two hours people were hiding and running out the garage. But we actually just stayed upstairs and chilled on a couch till it was all over and left, haha.

Alex moves to New Mexico in like 15 or so days. I hate it. No matter how much time I spend with him now it's never enough. We spend almost every minute together and it's never enough because how could it be knowing we'll only see eachother maybe once every two months for the next 9 months?

It's come so fast and I hate it.

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So since I've started to suck so bad at updating I have: gotten my nose pierced, partied over Spring Break, gone to a Gwen Stefani concert, become a junior in HS, gone to my dad's wedding, gone to Florida, gotten a pomeranian, and gone to my stepbrother's wedding.

I'll post pictures of all of it.

Other than that I'm trying to enjoy summer. It's not working out so great, but whatever.

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Sometimes I'm so stubborn I can't let myself get out of a bad mood, even when there's no reason to still be in it.

Or do I really have a right to be annoyed?

Maybe it's not just little, random stuff.